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USDA Loans in Alachua Florida and beyond.

Buying a home with no money down in Alachua? It is

very possible let's talk about it.

Did you know that you can buy a home in

Alachua with no money down?

You can!

Zero down USDA product is available in Alachua and not just Alachua it's

available all over but focusing in on Alachua it's available.

This is an awesome program so let's talk

about what the USDA program is


Very very simply it's a program that

allows you to buy a home in a rural area

with no money out of pocket so how's

that work.

The restrictions, let's talk about that,

let's get into the restrictions of it

there is an income limit it's based on

how many people live in the house

now that limit changes periodically so

depending on when you read this will

depend on what they actually are so if

you want to find out just reach out to

us and we'll tell you exactly where they


There's also geographic restrictions. The

geographic restrictions are basically

they want you living in a rural area. It

doesn't mean we're talking about areas

that you're so far out of town you just

can't get into town conveniently we're

talking example Alachua which is just

outside of Gainesville.

Alachua is a city within itself

and a dynamic city so

it's still considered rural though.

Therefore you can get a zero down

program right here. Another cool thing about the USDA

program is if the house appraises higher

than what you're buying it for you can

roll those closing costs into the loan.

Another option you have it has a

reduced mortgage insurance. Now you've

all heard about mortgage insurance and

so many people tell you it's horrible

and all this, but without PMI you

wouldn't get a zero down option or three percent down

option or a three and a half percent

down option or a five or a ten or fifteen.

So it's actually a good thing and it's just

how you structure it and how you look at

it and the USDA is the lowest of them all

and it's no money down.

It only has a one percent funding fee

and that's how they fund all these loans

and that is rolled into the loan.

So again,

you can get a no money down option.

They're designing this to make it as

easy as possible. Now there are closing

costs on loans however again if the

price came in a little higher you can

roll that in or you can get a grant

from a community second such as a Florida

housing or a SHIP program.

Any of those they can give you a grant

to pay your closing costs.

You can qualify for those and we can help

you with that process.

A family member can gift it to you

or if you can negotiate right you might

be able to get the seller to pay your

closing costs so these are ways that you

can actually get into the house with no

money down USDA allows for that

it's a great great great program

and we specialize in that we do a lot of

them we know what we're doing with it

not every lender does.

You want to work with people who know

what they're doing with this program. We

do. We can help you and if you want to

buy one and buy a house using the USDA

program let's talk, we can show you all

your options help guide you along so you

can buy your your new home

talk to you soon

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